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Building Thermal Envelope

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN)

EREN is the U.S. DOE’s comprehensive resource for energy efficiency and renewable energy information.

DOE Interactive Web-Based Insulation Fact Sheet

This fact sheet will tell you the most economical insulation level for your new home.

Insulation-DOE Fact Sheet

This fact sheet helps you determine the type of insulation, where to insulate, how much insulation to use.

Loose-Fill Insulation-EREC Fact Sheet

This fact sheet covers in significant detail the properties and applications of several types of loose-fill insulation.

National Fenestration Rating Council(NFRC)

NFRC provides accurate information to compare the energy performance of window, door, and skylight products.

North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA)

Visit to learn more about recommended insulation levels and the application of fiber glass and rock wool insulation.

Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association (CIMA)

CIMA provides design information and recommendations on the use of cellulose insulation.

Efficient Windows Collaborative

Efficient Windows Collaborative provides recommendations for energy-efficient window selection and use.


Space Heating and Cooling

Energy Guide Labeling

Energy Guide Labels help consumers compare energy performance and operating costs of similar products.

EPA Energy Star®

Energy Star® provides specifications for purchasing central and room air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, air-source and geo-thermal heat pumps, and programmable thermostats.

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

ACEEE has an on-line list of the most energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment, including home appliances.

Consortium for Energy Efficiency

CEE details installation and maintenance practices for residential HVAC and duct systems.

Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium

The site provides publications, case studies, cost analysis, and a list of geothermal heat pump manufacturers.


Lighting and Appliances

Energy Guide Labeling

This site explains Energy Guide Labels and provides links to information for purchasing energy-efficient appliances.

EPA Energy Star

Energy Star lists specifications for home appliances, electronics, computers, anEPA Energy Star® d a host of lighting products.

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

ACEEE offers resources for evaluating water heaters, clothes washers, and dishwashers and lighting.

Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE)

CEE's Super-Efficient Home Appliances Initiative highlights refrigerators, dishwashers, and clothes washers. Specifications and lists of conforming products are available.


Energy Audits, Ratings, Green and Energy-Efficient Buildings

Home Energy Checkup

Home Energy Checkup provides an on-line guide to saving money and increasing comfort in your home.

Home Energy Saver

Home Energy Saver's Energy Advisor calculates energy use and savings opportunities.

Residential Energy Services Network

RESNET offers practical information, construction tips, and financial tools to help build and sell more energy-efficient homes.

U.S. Green Building Council

USGBC has an energy and environmental rating system for commercial and high-rise residential buildings.

Energy Star Homes

Energy Star® Homes assists builders, buyers, and owners in reducing energy and environmental impact of homes.

Energy-Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network

EREN is U.S. DOE’s comprehensive resource for energy efficiency and renewable energy information.

Kansas Building Science Institute

KBSI conducts accredited home energy rater certification training.

Sustainable Sources

Sustainable Sources provides a directory of green builders, experts in solar energy, and resources on sustainability.

City of Austin’s Green Building Program

Austin's Green Buildings Program encourages sustainable building practices, systems, and materials in residential and commercial construction.

Home Energy

Home Energy magazine provides objective and practical information on residential energy conservation.